5 Popular Tv Ads That Affect Customer Thinking


TV commercials popularly known TV ads is still the medium to reach wide audience despite growing digital usage in the country, or any other developing country for that matter.

TV ads


The prime motive of all the TV ads is to impact the customer purchase intention. There are various types of TV ads, but the article’s intention is not to enter into those nitty-gritty’s.

In this article, we shall see if TV ads are doing something extra apart from just inducing that ‘top of mind recall’ into the audience.

Before going ahead what is ‘Top of mind recall’?

The image, sound, and name that comes to consumer’s mind when talked about products in a category.

Just as an example what comes to your mind when I say the word ‘selfie camera’? Most people will recall the brand ‘oppo’.

There can be ‘n’ number of examples given to this. Getting to our prime question of ‘are they doing anything additional’? The answer is YES, we think so.

As per our analysis, we believe they are subconsciously inducing some unknown rules into consumers’ mind which tend to change buying/usage pattern.

Please note that we are not saying that it will lead a definite purchase. But yes these rules will play a role in consumers’ mindset subconsciously.

In order to prove our point, we will try to put our perspective for few TV commercials below.

1) OLX 6 months break-up challenge:

The commercial is definitely endorsing OLX, no doubts in that. But also what it is doing is, preaching a usage period of 6 months for any product.

olx tv ads

To be clear it says that any product which is used for about 6 months needs a break-up from our side and should be sold. And definitely to keep that for sale you can use OLX.

So the ad is trying to create a new rule of 6-month validity for products and hence asking to take up that challenge. Forget about viewers getting influenced or not.

But definitely there is an attempt to create that usage pattern and in turn, create benefit out of it.

Link to the commercial:

2) Testimonial advertising:

These type of advertisements feature an expert highlighting the problems/issues and suggesting a solution deal with those.

Sensodyne Tv ads

Best example Sensodyne toothpaste, Head & shoulder dandruff free shampoo and many more.
The above type of advertisements definitely presents the causes for issues that most of the people didn’t know before. Sensodyne highlighting the root cause of tooth pain.

So it is creating knowledge among customers/viewers about the problem. And whenever someone faces a tooth pain will mostly recall the ad and go for the product endorsed in that ad.

Unlike the before one this example will have an impact on customers purchase intention.

Link to the Sensodyne commercial:

3) Santoor Super Mom Ad:

This ad shows a young lady with a daughter highlighting the need for a lady to look young even after a baby.

Santoor tv ads

The ad rather than focusing on quality, price elements, focuses on mother- daughter relationship. The ad plays on the psyche of the audience and makes a note for them that how a mom-daughter should look like.

This might have an impact on female decision makers thought process and may lead to a purchase. We are not saying that the above is the procedure or intention from an ad, but well it all plays subconscious and will have a meager percentage of influenced customers with the above thought process.

But take the point that it is also one of the possibilities.

Link to the commercial: U all know this ad 🙂

4) Nokia connecting people:

Let me take you to those ads of the late 90s and early 2000s. We all know the famous Nokia ad wherein a baby waits for her father on a thundering night and is shown very worried.

Nokia Tv ads

Looking at the worried child neighbor facilitates a talk with her father with the help of a mobile.

Remember, those days mobile handsets were not very popular, rather people just relied on landline phones. This ad focused on the importance of staying connected even when people are mobile. It doesn’t talk anything about phone feature elements.
The commercial in those days formed a rule of staying connected always. It is not like people realized this only after the ad, but it reiterated the same principle in an emotional manner in order to send a strong message to viewers. And yes it did drive more sales as we have witnessed.

Link to commercial:

5) Imperial blue Men will be men:

What can I describe about this ad, almost all of you might have watched it 100s of times.

And yes accept the fact that a few have no clue about what the commercial is endorsing 😀 .

Imperial Tv ad

Forget about the ad being able to push for sales, but it is creating a strong ‘top of mind recall’. And yes along with that there is a reiteration of how men will be.

Isn’t it a rule formation in our minds? Well not necessarily as everybody knows the reality and it is just a matter of reminding.

Link to commercial:

So after analyzing the above ads, we felt that somewhere, not entirely, the ads are trying to form some new rules in customer mindset.

We agree that there is a bit radical analysis but we feel that sort of element is passed on subconsciously. And we are not even sure whether such a rule created if at all, will have an impact on customer purchase intention.

It is even difficult to measure that. So we leave it your thoughts and request you to provide your views on our analysis.
Just to provide the summarized line of above, advertisements are trying to convey another message apart from brand promotion, and that message might impact purchase pattern.

Drop your views below, would love to discuss it further …..

PS: Disclaimer: The article neither endorses nor demeans the above brands. The content is just providing a perspective from our author.


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