Top 3 Cloud Computing Hosting Providers For Small Business


Today will explain you top 3 cloud hosting providers for your business. If you are new to cloud hosting read the introduction about cloud hosting. If you came here to just know the  top 3 cloud hosting providers skip here.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is nothing but a virtual server which is running in the cloud environment. Instead of hosting your site on a single server cloud hosting will host your website on many servers. Thus it provides 100% uptime.

Top companies like Google, Amazon started providing cloud services. It’s your choice to select which cloud hosting you want to go for.

Here are some details about the cloud hosting providers that might help you for choosing the right cloud platform.

Top 3 Cloud Hosting Providers For Small Business


Amazon web service

Amazon is the leading cloud computing platform offering their services to many companies and individuals. Many cloud services are offered by Amazon. Every service comes with the paid option. And those who want to try Amazon cloud, Amazon offers you 1-year free tier program. You can explore all the Amazon cloud services for 1 year.

Note: You need to provide your credit card before you signup. Don’t worry they will not charge if you are using their free resources.

But one thing I felt when I first visited Amazon Cloud platform is the UI of the website. It is so clumsy that a person who doesn’t have knowledge on cloud hosting will definitely get irritated. You will find it very difficult what service is what for.

But the popularity of Amazon cloud is tremendous. The scalability of your application is handled well. You can give it a try but I can tell you that Amazon pricing is a bit pricey compared to other cloud platforms. But it’s completely your choice and your requirement to go with AWS. Check out the Amazon cloud service pricing here.

Also check the price calculator here.

Google Cloud:

Google cloud compute engine

Google is the tuff competitor for Amazon I can say. Google provides multiple cloud services. Some popular cloud services offered by Google are computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning.

One thing I felt when I logged in google cloud platform is the user interface which was clean that anyone can understand it so easily. When compared to Amazon it is a bit easy to use.

Google on signup provides you 300$ free credits. You can use this 300$ credits for 1 year and then after you pay for what you use. And the scalability is top notch.

If you are a blogger and you have WordPress installed on shared hosting you can easily migrate to google cloud. You can install WordPress with one Click. Check out this article on how to install WordPress on Google cloud?

Google’s pricing is a bit different for different services you choose.  You can find their pricing here.

Also check the price calculator here.


heroku cloud hosting

Heroku was acquired by Salesforce. Heroku offers you cloud services (Paas) which supports many programming languages. Heroku is the only one cloud platform which gives you always free services without paying a single penny. You can deploy as many applications as you can that too for free with some limitations.

You can utilize their cloud services for testing your application. Their paid services start from 7$. You can check out their pricing here.

You can also try Digitalocean. Their pricing starts from 5$.

These are top 3 cloud Cloud Hosting Providers for your business. If you have any queries related to the topic, please ask in the comment section.

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