How To Scrape Data From Website Using Web Scraper tools


Wanna Scrape Data From Website?

Well, let’s learn today how to scrape data from website. Before that do you know what is meant by web scraping? 

Web Scrapping: Web scraping is a technique to pull required data from a website. The data could be anything. For example, if you want all the images of a particular website use web scraper tool and it will start pulling all the images from a website.

scrape data from website

For non-programmers, there are web scraper tools whereas for programmers there are plenty of libraries to scrape data from website.

Today I am gonna share all the tools and tips to follow while doing web scraping. Before jumping into the topic there is something more to discuss web scraping.

Have you thought any time why we need to do web scraping?

Well, if your answer is ‘No’ let me explain the benefits of web scrapping.

Benefits of Web Scraping

You know the internet & how big it is. A huge data is in front of yours eyes. If you use that data properly you are the next billionaire. The best example is “Google”.

Yes, Google uses web scraping. It is pulling your site content & indexing in google results. This simple idea made google as No.1 search engine.

We can do lot more things using web scrapers. Web scraping is mainly useful for companies. Because it allows you to pull more data & also reduces your valuable time. If the data is used properly it leads to sales as well as profits.

Everyone needs data so a good idea is to start a business aiming to provide data to the companies.

Well, let’s now see what are the tools needed for web scraping.

Web Scraping Tools

Here I will provide tools for both programmers & non-programmers. Check out them and build an idea on top of it.

Web Scraper For programmers:


Goutte web scrapper: It’s a simple web scraping library for PHP users.

Github link:

Ultimate Web Scrapper: It is also a web scraping library. It has inbuilt TagFilter feature. Which is easy to parse HTML.

Github link:

Few more PHP web scrapers: Guzzle, RequestsHttpFull


Beautiful Soup:  Beautiful Soup is for pulling data out of HTML and XML file. It is simple & efficient.

Link: Beautiful Soap

It’s a simple yet powerful HTTP library for Python users.

Link: Requests

Few more Python web scrapers: lxmlScrapy

Web Scraper For Non-Programmers:

OutWit Hub: OutWit Hub is a firefox addon. It automatically browses through pages and collects information that you needed.

Link: Outwit Hub

Web Scraper: Web Scraper is a chrome extension. You can export the scraped data to CSV file.

Link: Web Scraper is a paid web scraper tool. if you are ready to offer some bucks you can go with this tool.


Few more Web scrapers for non-programmers: Dexi (paid)WebHouse (paid)

All these tools are helpful to scrap the data from website.

Few tips while you are scraping the website data:

1.You should read the terms & conditions of a website that you want to scrape. If they mention that their data should not be scraped it’s better to you avoid scraping that websites.

2. Don’t scrap the blog article written by someone and paste it on your blog. Do only scraping to collect information for analyzing but don’t try to be the owner of the copied data.

3. Be careful when you are hitting too many requests to target website servers to scrape the data. They will ban you if they see unnatural traffic.

4. A better way to web scrape is using proxy servers.

Few Tips to Website Owners:

1. Update your terms & conditions page to not to scrape your website data.

2. Block bots accessing your website data.

3. Ban the user IP’s if you found the user is scraping your data.

Just follow this tips and utilize the data properly. You can definitely build a good tool.

Hope you got to know how to scrape data from website using web scraper tools.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know if you need any help. Happy to help you.



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