How To Register A Company In India Online


How To Register A Company In India

Well, you want to register a company but you don’t know how to register your company. Don’t worry this article will explain to you how to register a company in India. Before jumping into the details let me ask you a quick question.

What type of company you want to register?

Well, if you don’t know the answer let me give you options for you.

In India, you can register 5 types of companies.

  1. Private Limited Company
  2. Partnership Company
  3. Sole Proprietorship Company
  4. One Person Company
  5. Limited Liability Partnership

Let me explain you each of them & how to register your company.

1. Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is a small business entity that is held privately. The number of shareholders could be for a private company is limited to 50. And also shareholders can’t sell the shares to outside buyers. That means you can’t trade shares in public exchanges & also not offered for IPO(Initial public offering). A private company has its own benefits.

register a company

Steps to register for a private limited company:

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Minimum 2 Directors (The directors and shareholders can be the same person)
  2. Minimum 2 Shareholders

Documents required:

  1. Colour PP Photograph
  2. PAN Card – Self Attested
  3. Identity Proof – Any One Self Attested
    (Driving License / Passport / Aadhar Card / Voter ID Card)
  4. Address Proof – Any One Self Attested
    (Latest Bank Statement / Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Mobile bill)

Once you meet the minimum requirements and obtained required documents you need to follow 5 more steps

Step1: Apply for DIN(Director Identification Number)

Go here and get the DIN (Director Identification Number ) number.

Step2: Get Digital Signature

You can get Digital signature from here.

Step3: Name Registration

You need to go to ROC(Registrars of Companies) & you have to register your company name. You can give up to 6 names for registering. You can check the availability of name from here.

You can find ROC(Registrars of Companies) address here.

Step4: Fill MOA & AOA documents

MOM & AOA documents are needed to define the purpose of your company. You need to submit those forms to ROC.

Step5: Getting Incorporation Certificate

Once ROC verifies & approves you will get Incorporation certificate. It means it is the evidence that you have registered your private company.

That’s it your private company is registered.

2. Partnership Company

Partnership company is a business that is managed by two or more individuals. All the partners are liable for the debts of the business. In partnership company, every partner contributes to the company in any form like money, skill, time.

Steps to register for a Partnership Company:

Step1: Choose a firm name.

Step2: Create Partnership deed.

What is Partnership deed?

Partnership deed is nothing but a document where partners write about their respective rights & obligations.

A partnership deed agreement could be oral or written. It’s better to stick for written agreement.

Your partnership deed agreement should include the name of the company, address of the firm, date of commencement of business & duration of your partnership, capital invested by each partner & profit ratio between partners.

Documents Needed:
1. Application for Registration in the prescribed Form – I
2. Duly filled Specimen of Affidavit
3. Certified copy of the Partnership deed
4. Proof of ownership of the place of business or the rental/lease agreement.

You need to submit those documents to Register of firms of the state. And all the documents & partnership deed must be signed by all partners. Once you submit Register of firms will verify and approve it.

Once it is approved you will get Certificate of registration.

And it is mandatory for any firm to have PAN card & a bank account.

Steps to register  Sole Proprietorship Company, One Person Company, Limited Liability Partnership will be updated shortly. Keep visiting.


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