Know Everything About MOJO – Mobile Journalism


What is Mobile Journalism?

Mobile Journalism is a new way of storytelling where reporters use smart phones or other electronic devices to record the news and distribute it on their respective platforms.


MOJO gives you a freedom to express your news the way you want to express it. Suppose a group of people protesting for a cause you can shoot it with your mobile phone and add your opinion to it and publish it.

Carrying mobile phone is so easy and phones like iPhone have good capturing features. Which gives you better visuals to your users.

And social networks like Facebook allows you to live stream videos which are great platforms for mojo users to publish their news.

Check out this sample Mobile journalism video

So if you want to start mobile journalism you need to know few basic things regarding video capturing, editing, audio adjustments.

Here are some tips for you.


  1. Buy a good camera phone which has at least 13 megapixels. iPhone gives you better quality videos.
  2. When you are capturing video make sure that your phone is in airplane mode. Because when you receive call your video capturing gets interrupted.
  3. Clean the lens properly before you capture videos.
  4. Keep control of exposure and focus.
  5. Make your video stabilized.
  6. You can edit your videos with some good apps available in play store or apple app store.
  7. Utilize live stream platforms like Facebook, Youtube to telecast your news.
  8. Ensure that your microphone is in good condition.
  9. Use quality microphones for better audio.

These are some tips when you are going to start mojo(Mobile Journalism).

You can check out the world’s  most creative mobile journalists here conducted by Thomsonfoundation.

Few more videos here for you

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