How To Make Money Online With Amazon Affiliate Program


Make Money Online With Amazon Affiliate Program

Do you know that you can earn money with amazon? No ? Come Let’s learn today how to make money with amazon affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to earn money online. Do you know what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing: Online retailers who pay commission to an external website for sales or traffic generated from its referrals.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Program Works?

Amazon has introduced their affiliate program called Amazon Associates. When you sell amazon products on your website and generate sales. Amazon will pay you the commission for each sale.

Make money online

Visit Amazon Associates and signup for an account. Now before generating referral links check how much commission they offer. You can check commission details here.

I don’t say the commission provided by amazon is too good but compared to other e-commerce stores it’s better.

For selling clothes, shoes, eBooks, baby products the commission is high. So, let us generate referral links for shoes right now.


Steps to generate referral links:

Step 1:

Login to you Amazon Associates & navigate to Product Linking.

Step 2:

Click on Product Links and search for a product to generate referral link.

Step 3:

Select the product and click next.

Step 4:

Now Copy the HTML code generated and paste into your website.

Below is the sample product generated from Amazon Associates.

amazon affiliate

In this way, you can generate referral links for your products and place it on your website.

Once you place referral links on your website.Now it’s time to get users for your website. If you get more visitors then there is more chance of buying products from your website.

5 Ways To Get Traffic For Your Website

Below are  5 best efficient ways to get traffic to your affiliate website.

How to get website traffic


1 .Review Product

Post your opinion about a product and explain to the users what that product is about and how good it is. Give your own honest review on it. In this way, you can build trust in your readers. And they may even go for purchasing the product if they like the review about it.

2.Social Sharing

Post about your products in social networks like facebook, twitter and ask your friends to share it with their friends. In this way, they will come to know about your website.

3.Promote Pre-Orders

If a product is going to launch next month, try to promote it on your website before it gets launched. Grab users attention to your website.

4.Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to get users to your website and you can also directly promote your products through email itself.

5.Paid Traffic

You can buy traffic to your website.In that way, you will get users to your website. And also there will be a chance of showcasing your products which in turn convert traffic to sales.

Once you follow these tips you can get more visitors to your website. More visitors is proportional to more earnings.

Any more queries please feel free to contact or post it in comments. Happy to help you.


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