Steps To Install WordPress On Google Cloud Compute Engine


You might be hosting your WordPress site on shared hosting. Tell me how much you are paying for your host provider monthly?

Is it 5$, or 7 $ or 14$?

Well, let us consider a scenario where you have a small WordPress website which I mean you are getting less traffic. But you are paying a fixed amount monthly to your host provider even if you are not utilizing all the resources. Correct?

So why don’t you try cloud hosting where you will be charged only for what you use.

Today in this article will explain to you how to install WordPress site on Google Cloud.

Steps To Install WordPress On Google Cloud Compute Engine

  1. First, visit and signup with your Gmail account.
  2. You must provide your Credit card/debit card details during signup. Don’t worry you will not be charged.
  3. Once you signed up you will be given 300$ credits to you.
  4. You can use those 300$ credits for 1 year and you can explore all the options over there.
  5. Once logged in you might be first confused what these options are for. Don’t worry it is simple.
  6. Following is the sample dashboard page how it looks when you logged into google cloud platform.Google cloud compute engine
  7. Now Click on Get Started.  You will be landed onto a page where you can select what you want to run on the cloud. See below Screenshot.Wordpress on Google Cloud Compute engine
  8. Now Select WordPress. 
  9. Then you will land on a page where you will be asked to launch your WordPress site. See below screenshot.Launch WordPress on Compute Engine
  10. Then click on ‘Launch Compute Engine’. 
  11. Now you will be redirected to the page where you can configure your virtual machine settings. See below Screenshot.Configure WordPress Compute Engine
  12. Go with the default configuration and click on ‘Deploy’. That’s itWordPress will be deployed on your virtual machine.
  13. To access your new WordPress site just click on ‘Compute Engine‘ from the side menu. Then you will be redirected to Compute Engine dashboard.Compute Engine Dashbaord
  14. Now Copy External IP and paste in browser URL bar and hit enter. You can see your new WordPress site.Install WordPress on Google Cloud
  15. You can access your WordPress files by logging through SSH. google cloud ssh access
  16. That’s it. It so simple to install WordPress on Google cloud compute engine.
  17. Just click on your VM instance(wordpress-1-vm see screenshot) You can get WordPress admin details and MySQL details.

This is how you install  WordPress site on google cloud compute engine. Still, you need to know lot more details before you switch to cloud. For example Pricing. In my next article, I will explain how you will be charged for using google cloud services.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any queries in the comment section.


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