How To Earn 60k Per Month From Ola And Uber


How To Earn 60k Per Month From Ola And Uber

Do you know that you can earn money from Ola & Uber? Today I will explain to you how to earn 60k per month from Ola & Uber.

One of my friends has a car. Instead of keeping the car in the home he wants to turn it into an income-generating vehicle. Then one day he called me & asked I want to do something with my car do you have any idea?

Then I suggested him to attach his car to Ola & Uber. He replied me “Oh we can attach our car to Ola & Uber”.

I said Yes, we can attach.

Then he asked me how can I attach my car to Ola & Uber?

I know most of you guys are waiting for this answer. Today I will explain to you how to attach your car to Ola & Uber.

How to earn from ola & uber

5 Steps To Attach Your Car To Ola & Uber:

Step 1: Make sure your car is in good condition. And it should be a commercial car (yellow plate).

If it is a private car (white plate ) you should convert it to a commercial car (yellow plate).

Find your RTO under which your vehicle is registered and follow the instructions provided by them to convert your private car to commercial car.

Step 2: Hire a driver for your car. Make sure that he has a commercial license. Regular DL will be invalid.

Step 3: Make sure you have all the following documents.

Required Documents for Car Owner:

  • 2 Photos.
  • 1 Photo Id.
  • 2 Address Proofs.
  • Bank Account Details

Required Documents for Driver:

  • 2 Photos
  • 1 photo Id.
  • 2 Address Proofs
  • Commercial Driving License

Vehicle Documents:

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle Registration (RC Book)
  • Tourist Permit (PCoT)
  • Vehicle Fitness
  • Ghumasta/NOC (Shop Registration)

Step 4:

Once you have all the documents in your hand, visit your nearby Ola office or Uber office. Don’t forget to take your vehicle with you :).

Submit all your documents. Then they will check the car condition. And they will verify all your documents. It just takes 2 hours to complete the process.

Ask your driver to wear a uniform when you are going to Ola office.

Step 5:

Once the process is completed get a smartphone with Ola app & Uber app installed.

There will be an admin app for the owner of the car where he can track the vehicle and how many rides the driver could make in a day. For each ride how much amount is paid by the customer, everything can be tracked from the admin app.

Now You’re ready to go with OLA & Uber to make money.

Next question comes to your mind is how much I can earn from Ola & Uber?

For right now I will take Ola as an example.

How much you get paid from Ola?

How much you earn from ola

For every ride, you will get paid from customers and out of it 25% commission you need to pay for Ola.

Suppose in a day you made 10 rides. Let us assume that on an average you got 2000 Rs/- for 10 rides (It may vary based on the distance traveled).

So after giving 25% commission to Ola you get (2000 – 25%) = 1500 Rs/- .

When you make 10 rides in a day Ola will give you a bonus of again 1600 Rs/-

The more number of rides you make the more bonus you will make.

So your daily take home will be 3100 Rs/-

Now let’s calculate it for 26 days because we can’t expect the driver to work all 30 days.

So, now your earnings for the month is 3100 * 26 = 80,600 Rs/-

After giving 15k salary to your driver it will be around 65600 Rs/-

And let’s assume 5000/- for servicing your car.

So your final earnings will be 60,500 /-.

There will be some other expenses like Diesel, Phone calls. I am not including them.

You can earn profit only when your driver is working efficiently. If he can make more number of rides your profit will be balanced else you end up with low income. Always hire trusted drivers.

Make sure that he don’t drink and drive. Because if a user gives a bad rating to the driver.  Then you don’t get any bonus from Ola.

Hope you got the idea how to attach your car to ola & uber. I explained about ola here but same applies to uber. The only things differ is the bonus they offer. Choose your preferred one and attach your car.

Already many players entered into this business. Definitely, there will be competition. But I don’t want you to discourage because you can still make a decent profit before many people enter into this business. Just give it a try if you have a car.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Any queries post in comments.Happy to help you.

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