How To Earn $501 Per Month From Youtube Channel – Beginners Guide


Do you know that you can earn from youtube? If no read this post completely.

This article is mainly focused for the beginners who are interested in earning money from youtube.

Just sit back and scroll the page I will explain to you how to achieve this goal.

One of my favorite quotes

” Life is a high way,
Success one way,
Shortcut no way “

There is no shortcut to earn money. No one gives you money without expecting something from you.

If you are expecting such shortcut methods from this article please ignore this article. If you are ready to put your effort come on guys this article is for you.

There are many people who are earning in million dollars from youtube. Check out the top 5 highest paid youtube stars @2016.

1. PewDiePie
Youtube Earnings: $15 million  Subscribers: 49,756,391

2. Roman Atwood
Youtube Earnings: $8million Subscribers: 10,152,692

3. Lily Singh
Youtube Earnings: $7.5 million Subscribers: 10,296,350

Youtube Earnings: $7million Subscribers: 22,474,510

5. Tyler Oakley
Youtube Earnings: $6million Subscribers: 8,087,829

Source: Dailymint

When they are earning million dollars from youtube can’t we earn at least few dollars per month?

Yes, We can earn but it will not happen in overnight. You need to put some effort.

Before I jump into the topic let me explain you the things from scratch.

I will start with creating the youtube channel. If you already know how to create youtube channel skip to here.

You can create youtube channel by logging with your Gmail account.

How to create youtube channel


Then on right corner click on “YouTube settings”.

Now you should navigate to the settings page where you can create youtube channel.

How to create youtube channel

Then give your channel name. Make sure your channel name can be remembered easily.

Once you are done creating the channel now it’s time to upload your first video.

If you have created a channel to post videos about programming create a nice video with good content and publish it.

If you don’t know what type of videos you need to post check below for popular types of youtube videos.

Most Popular Types Of Youtube Videos:

1. How to / Tutorial videos

People always love to watch your videos if you explain to them how to do it. It would be more helpful to users if you post some good video tutorials instead of writing long articles.

2. Product Reviews

People like to know the reviews of the product before they buy. Create a video about a product and give your honest review about it.

3. Unboxing video

Before purchasing any product from online many people want to know how the product looks and how it works. Make unboxing videos for newly released gadgets.

4. Video game walkthroughs

If you like any game create a video about it. Capture your game and upload it to youtube gaming.

5. Time-Lapse videos

Many people like time-lapse videos. Create time-lapse movies and upload it.

These are some video types you can use if you don’t know what type of videos you need to upload to youtube.

Before you upload video to youtube signup for AdSense with your youtube channel.

Once your account is approved then upload videos to your youtube channel. And enable monetization for your videos.

Enable monetization in youtube for google adsense

If you enable monetization ads will be displayed on your videos, and you get paid for views as well as ad clicks.

Follow the below tips before you upload a video to youtube.

Tips To Upload Youtube Videos:

  1. Have a perfect & attractive title for your video. And make sure to include the keyword(Words or Phrases that are used by users to search for a video) in your title.
  2. Give a good description of your video. Make sure in the first 2 lines there should be your keyword. This will help you to rank better in search results.
  3. Before you upload video rename the file with the keyword.
  4. Make sure your video is not too long. People don’t like to watch more than 30 minutes unless & until it is a movie.
  5. Add proper tags to your videos. Make sure that those tags are related to your video.
  6. Upload a good quality video. No one likes poor quality videos.

As soon as you upload a video you won’t get any views. It takes a time to get views.

You need to promote your video. So that many people watch your video and will share it.

How To Get Youtube Views?

How to get youtube views


As soon as you upload video to youtube use social networking platforms like twitter, facebook, google plus to share your videos.

Share it everywhere. Because every view matters.


Next, send an email to your friends about the video and ask them to subscribe your channel if they liked your video.

Building subscribers are very important. Once you build a good number of subscribers you no need to rework to share your video.

Your subscribers will be notified about your new video whenever you publish. Which in turn bring views to your video as well as revenue.

So get more subscribers to your channel.


Then submit your videos to Reddit & StumbleUpon.

Reddit & StumbleUpon websites are good to promote your videos. Just post your video links to those sites.

If your video has good content you will get more views. It’s nothing but a free traffic.


Next beautiful tip is to contact other youtube channel members and exchange your channel links for user subscription.

In this way, you can get more subscribers which are again more views.


Maintain a frequency of your video uploads. If you want to post a video every week try to post every week without missing.

Once you follow this tips you will get more views to your videos. But keep in mind that your video must have a good content.

Without good content, it’s waste of time to promote it.

Some people will buy views from third party websites. Trust me it won’t help you. Most of them are fake sites.

If you purchase views from those fake websites your AdSense account will be at risk. You may even get banned.

So don’t go for shortcuts. Try this tips definitely you will earn decent revenue from youtube.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

If you need any more help please let me know. Happy to help you.



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