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5 Creative Ideas To Create An App

Want to create an app? Already there are many apps in Google Play store, Apple & Windows stores. Then why we need to create an app again?

create an app

Most of them create apps for earning money. And they expect to become a millionaire in overnight. But most of them can’t even earn few bucks. Do you know what might be the reason?

create an app

The main reason for this is, all app stores are flooded with apps daily. And there is less chance to get your app discovered. If your app is not discovered you don’t get any installs. If you don’t get installs you don’t earn money.

So to get your app discovered you need to follow App Store Optimization(AOS) techniques. We will discuss this in next tutorial.

But if your app is very good obviously people will spread about your app and you get many installs and also Revenue. So create an app which is unique and which solves user problems.

So what are the best ideas to make your app stand out in a crowd? Shall we create a messaging app like Whatsapp? Wait a second. When a messaging app like Whatsapp is already there why we need to create an app like Whatsapp?

Exactly there is no point of creating an app like Whatsapp because already many apps like Hike, Wechat and more similar type of apps already exist in app stores. So why do people switch to your new app when they are already using Whatsapp from a long time.

But they will switch if you prove that your app has more features than Whatsapp. But do you want to copy the idea of Whatsapp? No problem copy it but paste it differently.

Here are some of the ideas I feel it will help you to create an app. Apply your thoughts & ideas too.

#Idea 1 

Here comes the first idea. Create an app which stores conversations for 1 hr or 1 day or whatever the time interval set by the sender. Create an app to send only media files with expiry interval.

Google Allo has already implemented this feature in their app you can try differently this by blocking the user taking a screenshot of your conversation using power & home buttons.

You allow users to send Youtube videos instead of uploading the video file. In this way, you can get Youtube views and at the same time money :).

#idea 2

Create an app which allows users to transfer money online. You all know UPI is now the trend to send money instantly. You can create an app on this. Right now it is available for only banks but soon it will be available to many users. But just add this to your future projects list.

#Idea 3

Create a game. Yes creating a game itself includes a lot of creativity to develop it. So creating a game with a unique concept and good graphics will make you a winner.

#Idea 4

Create an app for job seekers, Who shares their interview experience and share their ebooks, pdf’s to the community. In this way, your app turns out to be a social community and a great motivation app for the job seekers.

#Idea 5

When two or more people meet and go out for a trip and take pictures and videos and crack jokes. Just record them with your microphone and collect some pictures and videos they have taken and create a video. Give them a surprise in the morning when they woke up showing your video created using your app. Definitely, they will fall in love with your app.

These are 5 creative ideas to create an app. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and liked my ideas. Add your thoughts to it and make a beautiful app. Please comment the ideas that you liked. If you like it. Share it.

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