4 Best Game Engines For Making Games


4 Best Game Engines

Do you know why do we need a game engine for developing the games?


Well, Designing a game from scratch is really hard. It takes a lot of time and effort. So game engines will help you to save your time, money and effort.

Even kids can create a game if they use these game engines. It’s because of simplicity offered by the game engines. But to create a great game you need to know lot more. But to start your game these game engines are really helpful.

Here come the 4 best game engines

1. Unreal


Most popular game engine & also widely used game engine. Games like Batman, Gears of War, Mass Effect are developed using the Unreal engine. Take a look at the best Unreal games in the below video


  1. Easy to start your first game with the default blueprints.
  2. Great tools for developing amazing games.
  3. Graphics rendering is fast.
  4. Completely free to develop games. Only pay 5% loyalty fee when your game is earning 3000$ per year.


  1. The learning curve is a bit difficult.
  2. You need to download almost 5 GB+ files for setting up the Unreal engine. Too much space it occupies your HDD.

Check out this Unreal video

2. Unity


Unity is a really cool game engine for newcomers. With Unity free version you can straight away start developing your game. It is so simple to understand the toolset and offers you good documentation to start. You can check out this video how good unity graphics are


  1. Easy to start your first game.
  2. Good documentation & community support.
  3. Best Licensing terms.
  4. Many game assets available in Asset store.
  5. Easy scripting.


  1. Expensive if you need more features.
  2. When you are working on big games it requires a lot of optimisation.

Check out our fun addictive game developed using Unity.


3. CryEngine


The best game engine for beautiful graphics rendering. Supports multiple platforms. check out this video for CryEngine graphics.


  1. Good graphics can be produced.
  2. Best audio tools available.
  3. Powerful script engine.


  1. CryEngine documentation will make you cry.
  2. Restrictive license.
  3. Hard to develop games.

4. HeroEngine


The best game engine for developing online games. Provides cloud support. You can check out some games developed using HeroEngine in below video.


  1. Handy mapping tools and integrated toolset.
  2. Provides cloud support.
  3. Provides open-world maps.
  4. Powerful script engine.


  1. Pricing is too much for newcomers.
  2. The learning curve is a bit difficult.

These are 4 best game engines available as now. Let me know your opinion and doubts in the comment section.

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