Angular vs React vs Vue.js – Which Is Better?


Angular vs React vs Vue.js

Which is better? Angular or React or Vue.js?

We know how popular these frameworks are but which one is best suited for your project?

I just want to share my opinion on these frameworks. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section.

Now let me start first with Angular Js.

Angular Js:

It’s almost 2 years back Angular 2 is released. Angular Js developers instead of updating the angular 1.x they upgraded angular 2.x. Which is not really expected by the developers. However, Angular Js brings lot new features in terms of speed and performance.

As of now, the latest version of angular is 4.

Advantages of Angular:

  1. Speed & performance improved.
  2. Mobile development made easy.
  3. Modularity – Core functionality moved to modules which help in producing the faster core.
  4. Focused mainly on modern browsers.
  5. Easy routing.
  6. Dependency injection improved.
  7. Asynchronous template compilation.
  8. Will use typescript for better coding.
  9. Reusable components.

Disadvantages of Angular:

  1. Breaking multiple changes for every new release.
  2. Difficult to learn if you are new to typescript.
  3. Not well suited for multi-page applications.


Github – 56 k Stars.

Official Website:


Ease of learning: Intermediate

React Js:

React Js developed by facebook. React popularity has grown in recent years. It is a simple javascript library for creating reusable components. You can learn more about React Js here.

Advantages of React Js:

  1. Virtual DOM in React Js which is faster.
  2. Optimization is easy in react when compared to angular.
  3. Reusable components.
  4. Use of JSX with React.
  5. Good community support.
  6. Good for SEO.
  7. Fast rendering.
  8. Suitable for multi-page applications.

Disadvantages of React Js:

  1. Need to depend on third party developers for any libraries.
  2. Cannot separate HTML and javascript thus it makes difficult for beginners to learn React Js.
  3. React is only view layer. So you need to depend on other frameworks for service integration.
  4. You can’t use native HTML attribute at some places (Ex: className).


Github – 71 k Stars.

Official Website:


Ease of learning: Bit difficult compared to angular.


Vue.js is a combination of both frameworks angular & react js. Evan You is the founder of vue.js. It is very lightweight & robust.

Advantages of Vue.js:

  1. You can use ES5 or ES6 or Typescript.
  2. More flexible.
  3. Separation of HTML & javascript which makes easier for newcomers.
  4. The best documentation compared to angular & react js.
  5. It’s simple to learn.
  6. State management & routing is flexible.
  7. Easy to scale apps.

Disadvantages of Vue.js:

  1. Not as popular as Angular and React js.
  2. Runtime errors in templates.


Github – 61 k Stars.

Official Website:


Ease of learning: Easy

These are some advantages & disadvantages of Angular, React & Vue.js. It’s your choice to select which one fits you. Let me know your opinion in the comments section.


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