6 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Travel Business


When we talk about the travel fashion in favor, we need to take into account the expedition, present day scenario and the individuals who provide services to make the travel happen.

What might be our next question is the need to invest in travel. One may never be able to explore the new possibilities, culture, and food if we choose to stay in one place. And not to skip the travel might just be a mandate if say it’s for studies or otherwise. Wandering triggers the quest for the unknown and one must be open to it.

Having talked about all good stuff, let’s look out for ways to make it happen as traveling is not as simple as it seems. One needs to look out for best offers in the town, be it for hotels or travel for that matter. Let us not underestimate the power of a trip with best offers, it’s going to save you a lot

  1. Solo Travel

Solo Travel

Solo traveling has emerged as the new concept of traveling. With the advent of this concept, people are more interested in going places and exploring new things, very much on their own. This helps them to better understand themselves as a person and develop a daunting, albeit a liberating sense of freedom.

We cannot overlook the new emerging trend of solo traveling as it constitutes for a great percentage of travelers across the globe now. In the travel industry, making best arrangement for the travelers is what their sole motive is.

It is required on the both ends – on the part of the traveler and the travel agency. As good travel arrangements make the solo traveler happy and on the other hand, helps a business earn customer trust and loyalty.

Businesses can make the best use of this trend by catering to the specific needs of these customers and help them organize their holidays with the help of professional and personal travel specialist.

2.  GST Implication

GST Implication

We all are aware of the recent change in our indirect tax system where a great no. of earlier imposed indirect taxes has now been brought under the purview of GST. The system is brought into effect to bring transparency in the system and to set accountability. Let us figure out its implications on travel.

The 5-star hotels will attract 28% as GST and for AC restaurants the rate is 18%. For hotels with tariff above Rs. 5000, the GST rate would be 28%, indicating the industry need to make great efforts to cope with this trend. This is not only going to affect the service providers but also the service receiver i.e. the customers or the travelers in the case.

Since the tax rate for budget hotels is as low as 5% and 12%, it will ensure that the industry flourishes by delivering standardized accommodation to the middle-class travelers.

One way that industry could survive this is to provide the customers, tempting offers, and travel deals, that are too good to refuse. Other than that, hotels may be arm-twisted to realign their tariff/charges accordingly so that they can bypass the higher slabs of GST, wherever possible.

3. Technology

The technology keeps evolving and it is important for the travel business to keep pace with it. Advanced customer requirements are one of the reasons that demand advanced ways that suit the client’s requirements.

What technology aims at, is reducing the unproductive activities in a business and work on things to add value to the customer services. Travelers will be highly benefitted as the travel companies, by making use of technology can provide better-personalised services.

To make sure that the company makes the best use of the emerging technology, it is necessary to be up to date with the travel IT and operations systems. The principle of ‘lean’ thinking will help reach the objective of efficiency.

4. Adventure Trips


Adventure tourism is the new addition to the tourism sector. Not only does it allow you to immerse in the active travel, but also gives you an opportunity to soak in the natural and cultural treasures of the world.

With its fast-all-around acceptance, adventure travel has almost become mainstream travel option. It is attracting a great number of middle-aged travelers, besides youngsters.

Travel companies coming up with great locations and deals will be best benefited as they will be able to make the best use of the available opportunity. Focussing on hiking, safari, cycling and more is going to pay off well.

5. International Travel


Owing to the limited holidays from work, people are preferring to travel to locations that are foreign to them yet close enough to suit their time plus be pocket-friendly at the same time. Countries such as Vietnam, Dubai, and Bali are on the list.

Reasons that such places are being considered for travel is due to the travel-friendly weather all-round the year and cost-effective accommodations.

International Travels can be a costly affair if prior analysis of the coupons and deals is not made devoutly. For businesses, it’s an opportunity to cater to the customer needs of flight bookings to a foreign land. Individuals looking for cheapest, yet best, travel outlays must surely make use of hotel offers and grab the best possible discount. Do remember the basic rule while traveling, “The more you save, the more you can spend.”

6. Photography



Photography has emerged as the new trend in the travel business. People are looking out for capturing the experiences and sharing them with friends and loved ones. Hence, understanding of travel photography has become an important area.

As tourist look for ways to document their travels, it becomes important for the tour operators to become familiar with such trend. Service providers can benefit from tapping into this new trend. Likewise, the travels of the people can be documented in a very effective manner.

During a tour, the guide can help travelers discover the places by giving people the opportunity to take pictures so that they take home a very pleasing travel experience backed with mesmerizing pictures.

Apart from the emerging trends that are discussed above, there are various other trends which affect the travel business. They are – increasing percentage of women travelers, domestic travel trends, customized holidays etc.

Last but not the least, safety is a must while thinking of traveling. A smart traveler is the one who is aware of his surroundings, keeps an emergency kit, keeps valuables safe, and is armed with some local knowledge of the foreign land. To the ones out there, have a happy and safe traveling.


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