10 Best Share Market Tips For Beginners


Are you new to share market? Have you started trading in the stock market? Trust me these share market tips will help you to do trading safely. You will definitely become a successful trader if you follow this share market tips.

Share market tips

Share Market Tips For Beginners

1. First, learn what is a stock market? Don’t jump into the stock market with your friend’s or family members suggestion.

Do your own research. Get complete knowledge of what you are doing.

A good start to learn about stock market would be here.

How To Invest In Stocks In India For Beginners

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Once you started trading then the real game starts. You must be very careful with your money. And you must really follow the following tips.

2. When you are new to stock market don’t invest huge amount. Always start investing with less amount.

It doesn’t mean you should always invest less amount. Until you got a good knowledge of trading you go with less amount.

3. Never listen to fake recommendation tips. Some people will ask you to invest in some companies and they will convince you that you will get huge profit if you invest in that company.

Never ever believe such people. Always do your research about the company before you invest.

See the company’s past performance & research how it will be going to perform in future. If you got good results then you invest in such companies.

Without researching don’t believe your friends or brokers suggestion.

4. Don’t invest all your money in same stock. Split your money and invest in different stocks.

If you invest all your money in same stock. If the market crashes you might end up losing all your money. So always best idea is to split your money to different stocks.

5. When buying shares always ensure that you are using a stop-loss.

6. If you expected to get a profit of 2000Rs/-  do trading until you reach target and exit immediately. Don’t be greedy to get more money.

7. Don’t let your emotion to take control your judgement when investing in stocks.

8. Don’t blindly invest and expect something miracle will happen in future. Be practical.

9. Avoid volatile stocks if you are planning to do long-term investing.

10. Don’t fear to invest and don’t be greedy to earn more & more.

Hope these 10 tips will help you to invest safely. Don’t forget to share this article.

Thanks for reading.

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